Growing the
onchain economy

Squads Labs is a technology company that builds tools to enable efficient economic activity onchain. Our mission is to grow the onchain economy by developing smart account technology and products that make it easy for businesses, teams and individuals to securely transact, manage and own digital assets.

We are betting on a future where an ever-increasing amount of productive economic activity happens onchain. In other words, we believe that the onchain economy will and should grow. We want to accelerate that future and make it happen faster.

Our team

We are a team with diverse backgrounds in tech, law, and finance, actively building in crypto full-time since 2021. While each of us is unique, we all share a deep appreciation for the ethos of crypto and a love for meticulously designed products (shipped to production in a reasonable time frame). Our team members are based in the US, Europe, UAE, and parts of Asia, with permanent company hubs being established in Paris and Dubai.

Our support network

To date, we have raised over $22 million from a group of incredible institutional investors, such as Multicoin Capital, Electric Capital, Placeholder, Collab+Currency, 6MV, and others. Angel investors on our cap table include Julie Fredrickson, Ryan Selkis, Anatoly Yakovenko, and multiple fellow founders building some of our favorite crypto projects, such as Jito, Helium, Drift, Marginfi, and Helius.